5 Biggest Mistakes People Make at Their Booth Space


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Are you thinking about purchasing a booth at an expo or conference? How about a sponsor table at a networking event or workshop? There are so many opportunities to market and promote your business at other live events. But how do you choose what types of events to market at? And, how do you get the best ROI at these events?

We designed this class to help you create an enticing and impactful booth or sponsor table. There are many common mistakes people make when they purchase a table or booth and we want to help you AVOID these mistakes.

  • Are you wanting to create a powerful in-person experience where you can share your products or services with people one-on-one?

  • Does the thought of not seeing a return on your investment in this booth or sponsor table scare you?

  • Are you not sure what your goals should be when marketing at this event or expo?

  • Do you plan on marketing (purchasing a booth or sponsor table) at numerous events per year?

  • Have you set a realistic budget and timeline to prepare and design your booth or table for an upcoming event?

Here are just a few things that we will cover:

  • The 5 biggest mistakes that people make at their booth space

  • How to avoid these mistakes

  • And more!

If you’re planning on marketing at a live event by purchasing a booth or vendor/sponsor table then this is the online class for you!