Your social media platforms are a free and easy place to build and grow your following.

Share your knowledge using your social media platforms! Help guide people to discover what they need, and give them tools that they can apply so they can transform. Transformation is a beautiful thing!

May I speak some truth right now? What I just said about sharing your knowledge…It works 100% but it’s not easy.

People ask you questions about the knowledge you have, right? Whether you’re in internet marketing expert or have been a tennis coach for 20 years, you have knowledge that someone wants.

Let your knowledge be your guide to attracting people who will pay you for your services, products, or programs that you sell. Give people only enough information so that they can absorb and apply it.

We often feel that giving value means telling them everything we know. In fact, that will overwhelm your audience.

Create content that is valuable

You need to create content that is shareable. Create a buzz with your content. Warm these people up and you will be able to use your platforms to drive people to your live events.

Warming up your audience does NOT mean it’s a time to go and shamelessly promote your business, products, or services. Instead, it’s a place to create authentic relationships and promote interaction with one another.

Once you have people’s attention use social media to drive people to your live event!

  1. Utilize highly targeted ads to your following and email lists on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn. 
  2. Make sure that you have a place where your vendors, exhibitors, affiliates, fans, and sponsors can go and download branded social media graphics and your tags for each platform (IG: @megamrkingandevents, Twitter: @megamarketinges) so they can share on their social media platforms. 
  3. Create an event listing on Facebook and your Facebook Local app and go do live video posts in the event listing showcasing some highlights from your last event (if you’ve done a past event). Also, you might want to consider creating a meetup group on if you plan on doing some ongoing events (workshops, lunch & learns, networking). 
  4. Share your knowledge. Give a glimpse of some actionable tips from the keynote that you’ll give at your event. Go on Facebook Live, or post a video on LinkedIn and share your knowledge in simple, easy steps. 
  5. Share your story and become a person that others can relate to. You’re not perfect, nobody is, therefore don’t try to act perfectly on social media. Showcase your personality so people get excited about seeing you live. 
  6. Have your keynote speakers, breakout speakers, and/or presenters also share some interesting facts about themselves and what they will be presenting at your event. Go on Facebook Live and do an interview with your speaker! 
  7. Create a hashtag for your event. People will use this when they want to find out more information about your event and what others are saying about the event. #aHashtagisMoreThanaPlayonWords

Don’t miss out on this opportunity, the time is now.

We don’t want you to miss out on an opportunity to fill your seats using social media! Together we can help you create a strategy, editorial calendar, and schedule to do live posts and videos to give your followers just a taste of the type of experience they will have when they attend your event.

For example, when you attend one of our live events such as a conference, lunch and learn, or workshop you will leave the event first and foremost feeling inspired. Second, you will have actionable steps to take within 24 hours to implement and start seeing fast results.

Make sure to check out our events page!

Check out our events page and attend our next workshop on “How to be a positive influencer using social media” – this workshop is both live and online. 

Bonus tip: show pics and video of the food and drinks that your guests will eat at your live event. Make their mouth water 🙂