#1 Biggest Mistake Exhibitors Make at Live Events

What do you think is the number 1 mistake business owners and entrepreneurs make when they choose to participate as a booth, exhibitor, or sponsor table at a live event?

Whether the live event is a seminar, networking event, expo, trade show, or a slew of other types of events, the exact same mistake is made over and over again!

I’ll give you a hint, it is something you do (or don’t do) that is the BIGGEST mistake people make when participating in a live event.

Still, don’t know?

The biggest mistake exhibitors make at live events is NOT doing enough research on the event itself to see it’s a good fit for their business or brand.

You know that time is money. And more than likely at some point in the past some live event producer or salesperson promised you the moon and stars. They told you they expect 500 attendees and then there are only 100!

How about the event producer that told you the ticket price would be $50 and you see them discounting them on Groupon for $5 or $10 (and Groupon is not the demographic you expected).

In some cases, a certain amount of tickets will be given away by the producer, but a good event producer will give those tickets away to people who are more likely to purchase something at this event. They’re what we call warmed up leads!

First thing’s first, ask to talk to the producer of the event or someone from their sales team and ask some specific questions that relate to your business.

Here are some great starter questions that pretty much anyone can use to gauge the event.

  1. Is this event monthly, yearly, or reoccurring in some way? If yes, how often?
  2. Is there early bird pricing for exhibitors and sponsor tables? If yes, when does it end and what’s the price difference?
  3. What the price to attend the event? Is it free?
  4. If the tickets are not free, how many tickets do you plan to giveaway?
  5. How do people get free tickets?
  6. How many attendees does the producer expect?
  7. Are there any limits to how many businesses that are in the same industry can exhibit?
  8. What is the demographic that the event is trying to reach?
  9. What advertising and marketing methods do you use to get people the event?
  10. How many people attended previous events (if it’s recurring)?
  11. Are there different levels and pricing for booth space, sponsor table, or exhibit area? If yes, what are the different pricing and placement of your space options?
  12. What do you get at your table or space (electricity, WiFi, pipe & drape, etc.)

Now, you have all the information you need as far as pricing, space available, demographic they target, and how they advertise the event. Don’t stop here!

You must keep doing some research because technically you just talked to someone that could easily overhype their event.

So, how do you go about learning more about the event? If there have been past events, seek out past attendees and ask them questions about the event.

  1. Would they go again?
  2. What were the highlights of the event?
  3. How much did they pay for their ticket?
  4. Did they purchase anything at the event?
  5. How many people do they think were there?
  6. Do they have any pictures from the event?

Again, don’t stop there!

Now it’s time find past exhibitors or people who purchased sponsor tables. Let’s go through the same time of questioning like you did above to attendees.

  1. What did they think of the past event?
  2. Would they exhibit or purchase a sponsor table at this event again?
  3. Did they meet other awesome vendors or sponsors?
  4. How many people do they think were there?
  5. Do they have any pictures from the event?
  6. Did they sell anything at their table/booth?
  7. Did they get solid leads?
  8. How did they go about capturing leads at their table/booth?

Here’s the bottom line

Does this take a little bit of time? Yes. But it’s better to take time to learn if it’s the right event than to waste time and money at the event!

If you ask these questions are you gonna go and make a ton of money at your next event? Probably not!   

Will these questions help you find the right event? Absolutely! If want to make more money, get solid leads, and enjoy meeting customers and clients face-to-face then these questions can help you find a live event where you can meet these people!

You could learn more than you expected

Not only have you taken the time to learn more about the event by asking these questions, but you have hopefully been given some great ideas from attendees and past exhibitors and/or sponsors on what works, and what might not when exhibiting.

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P.S. Just in case you’re still wondering if you should be an exhibitor at a live event here are a few reasons…

Meet new customers and create new business relationships.

Be seen.

Be heard.

Create an experience.

Attract the right customers and leads.

Make money.

Have Fun.