Maximize Sales

  • How would you like to change someone’s life for the better?
  • How would you like to give someone something that they can use within hours to start living a more fulfilling life?
  • How would you like to create a synergetic energy in a room full of people that you want to work with?

What if I told you to maximize sales has nothing to do with selling or pitching a room full of people at your live event?

I’m sure by now you’ve heard “you’re not creating an event, you’re creating an experience?”

I’ve been saying this phrase since 2011 when the lightbulb went off in my brain about a new type of expo I wanted to create.

The Non-Expo Innovation

In 2012 Simon and I created an expo that was a non-expo for couples planning a wedding. Instead, it was a mock wedding for engaged couples! We did this to be different and give couples what they needed the most.

*Little known fact: Too many couples focus on things that won’t engage their guests. We wanted to show engaged couples how to use music, food, lighting, and other key factors to help their wedding flow and keep guests staying longer at their wedding.

We wanted our attendees to EXPERIENCE this event, not just attend another wedding expo

We made our attendees laugh. Some even cried when they won really amazing gifts like a helicopter ride around the city of Portland. One couple won a night’s stay in the Presidential Suite at the hotel the event was held at. Most importantly attendees walked away knowing how to create the tone and flow for their own wedding, and that is invaluable!

So, how did we manage to sell our services without pitching or selling?

We booked every single inquiry (that’s a 100% close rate) from The Wedding Experience Live Event with our own Planning and DJ/Entertainment business services (we closed this business in 2014). We also started to get consistent referrals from the hotel event manager where we held our expo/event.

We gave attendees an experience of a lifetime! 

  1. We filled their bellies with a 3-course meal
  2. Glasses were full of tasty drinks all night
  3. We had 3 DJ’s handling the music and sound + live musicians for the mock ceremony
  4. The lighting created a mood for each different part of the event
  5. We showcased professional keynote speakers that gave attendees advice on how to plan their own upcoming weddings 

Most importantly, we reminded our audience that we planned this entire event. I asked them if they were having a fun time. They responded with an enthusiastic “YES” and all I had to say was, “Let’s create this same wedding experience for your own wedding.” SOLD!

When you give your attendees the experience of a lifetime they will seek you out and you will maximize sales

No sales pitch, we gave attendees the opportunity to watch amazing wedding professionals they could hire for their own wedding!

Not only did we book our own services, but we helped over 30 other wedding professionals and vendors sell and book their products and services!! How cool is that?

You can create this same event experience. Follow your heart. Follow your passion. Give VALUE! Create a lifetime experience.

We can even help you create this experience by producing your own live events

Simon and I have owned 3 different businesses specifically in the corporate event and wedding industry. We’ve produced 500 successful events over the span of 15 years. We’ve helped hundreds of people plan succesful live events and we want to help you.

Listen, we have made a ton of mistakes when planning live events. These mistakes haven’t stopped us from continuing to create greatness!

We’ll share our mistakes with you so you don’t repeat them in our one-on-one training sessions. Let’s create a revenue stream where you profit and have enough money to create another live event.

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