Create a MAJOR revenue stream by producing a live event

You’ve been thinking to yourself for some time now that it would be a good idea to plan a live event. So, what are the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs and business owners make when planning a live event?

1. Stop hesitating and take the plunge

You might have some hesitation. Have you heard that planning a live event like a conference, workshop, or seminar is too hard? Maybe you also have been told they take too long to plan. Or, you think live events cost too much money to produce and what if I can’t get enough people to come?


Yes, you do want enough time to plan a successful event. But many times we analyze too much and don’t just GO FOR IT! The longer you wait to book that venue and plan the event, the longer you wait to make MONEY and REACH a lot of people under one roof that want and need what you have to offer.

Just do it. Pick a date, time, and location and commit to planning and implementing your event and keep that forward momentum moving each and every day!

2. If you don’t know what you’re doing, go learn!

Maybe you’ve done 25 events, or maybe you’ve never produced an event in your life, the truth is many business owners and entrepreneurs still don’t know how to get the results they WANT from doing live events.

It’s important to learn how to produce a live event from beginning to end.

Simon and I have created a 1-day one-on-one mapping day where you will walk away after 1 day with us and know:

  • What your exact goals are and we will help you paint a crystal clear vision for your event
  • How long it will take to plan your event
  • What your revenue streams are and how much money you could make before, during, and after your event
  • How much money it will cost to produce this live event and MARKET and ADVERTISE to fill those seats and get people through the door
  • How to get the best deal on vendors and services you’ll need to produce your live event (A/V, venue, catering, etc.)
  • How to create a flow and environment that will allow you to meet and exceed your goals for the event
  • How to keep the momentum going after your live event is over

3. Not sure how to properly market and advertise the live event

Depending on the type of event you’re doing there are many ways to get people to your event. How to market and advertise your event is a course we offer because this is probably the BIGGEST mistake entrepreneurs and business owners make when planning a live event.

We understand how easy it is to waste your budget and then some!

In our first few years of producing live events, we wasted so much money, time, and effort marketing and advertising to the wrong people. 

It wasn’t until we learned the process of how to gain trust and build authority within our industry that we were then selling to the RIGHT audience and seeing amazing results and happier attendees and vendors/sponsors.

4. Not sure how to nurture and accommodate the vendors, sponsors, exhibitors participating in the live event.

Simon and I have been on both ends of the spectrum as exhibitors/sponsors at live events and we have produced live events. In fact, we started producing live events because we saw so many flaws and issues at the events we were participating in as vendors!

The people who pay to be sponsors, vendors, and exhibitors at your event are just as important as the person attending your event. Nurture this relationship. Give them what they need. Invite these people and businesses to be involved in your strategy session about setup, breakdown. Listen to what they need to be successful at your event.

Check in with your vendors often, the worst thing that can happen are that these vendors have to constantly reach out to you regarding what they need to be successful at your event.

There is a section of our training program devoted completely to the people who make your event spectacular; your vendors, event sponsors, and exhibitors.

5. Don’t know how to create an experience and flow to their live event

This can be a killer because if you have unhappy attendees then you won’t get the exposure and momentum you would get with from happy attendees that help you gain traction and cash flow going into your next live event.

There are many different factors that go into creating the perfect flow to your event. From music, lighting, food, and beverages, to your keynote speakers, breaks, and temperature of the room! When all of these things come together well you will have created an EXPERIENCE!

How would you like to create an experience that could change the course of someone’s life? They will remember the event that you created forever. Build momentum and create more life-changing events. Live events can be one of the most lucrative sales funnels you’ve ever created.

Here’s something you’re going to really like!

Simon and I have created a private training class for you! Meet with us one-on-one and we will create your event from beginning to end. You will have your blueprint, timeline, and ultimate checklist to move forward. Do you want us hold your hand throughout the planning process? We WILL EMPOWER YOU! You will become the best damn event planner without knowing you were going to be an event planner, lol!

P.S. Here’s something for FREE

It’s our booklet on how to monetize your live event.

You’ll learn 9 different ways to monetize your event, which in turn will help you continue to plan more successful events.

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