Meagan Hope and Simon Blanco

Owners of MEGA Marketing &  Event Solutions


We are entrepreneurs, live event trainers, event consultants, event producers, innovative marketers, and devoted parents to an energetic toddler…

In 2006 we started our first event company a couple years after Dan Reed (Dan Reed Network) introduced us. I was working at The Ohm Nightclub after previously interning with Dan Reed while I was recording my first album in college. Simon was a resident DJ spinning weekly at the Ohm.

Officially we started our professional event production careers in 2003, producing concerts and live events.

We’ve been involved in over 500 events and have owned 5 successful and profitable businesses working and partnering with businesses such as Disney, Nike, Dreamworks, VH1, The Benson Hotel, just to name a few.

Magical things can happen at your live event, and we’d love to help you any way we can!