Find your "IT" factor!

Do you know your “it” factor? If not, we can help you find it. You have an “it” factor, but you may not realize exactly how to tap into it or how to help your “it” factor thrive. Let us help.

Strategy is key to your success!

At MEGA Marketing we create the most thorough strategic plan and help your business with social media, event production, (both online and in-person), event marketing, production planning, email marketing, website consulting, and content creation to help you build strong relationships with your clients and customers.

Do you know where you're going?

Our marketing services are like a map and you’re in the driver’s seat and we’re your navigation system helping you arrive at your destination on time!

Why is your “it” factor important?

You inspire people.

People or businesses that have the “it” factor know how important it is to inspire others. Wow, people. Make them want more! We can help you utilize digital platforms and real life events to reach your ideal client or customer.

You provide an experience.

Your product or service that your business offers is more than that…It’s an experience. It’s memorable. We’ll help you create the most incredible experience in your everyday life to your next event that helps you engage with your customer or client.

You leave people wanting more.

Not only will we make your service or product an amazing experience, but people will never want the experience to end!

Once we find your “it” factor, you’ll find that everything else simply falls into place.

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We work with an array of businesses and people. Here are some of the types of business and industries we work with.

Real estate agents
Retail stores
Jewelry stores
Naturopathic physicians
Products for women and children
Physical Therapists
Lifestyle coaches
Business coaches
Restoration/Remodeling companies
Flooring/Kitchen/Paint companies
Personal Trainers
Yoga/Pilates/Barre studios

Social media is a place to connect, just like you would in person. We consult, coach, and create content to help you have the most authentic experience with your customers online.


“Meagan is a strong strategic partner, positive resource and a center of influence! If you are looking for compassion, empowerment, organization, resourceful and knowledgeable, Meagan is your girl!”

Ashley Roda, Owner
Iconic Details

“Meagan has been extremely helpful. She not only comes up with great ideas and keeps me on track, she also teaches me how to do some of the marketing easily by myself. Meagan is flexible and easy to work with. She keeps on top of the ever-changing world of social media and uses a multitude of strategies. With her variety of skills, she helped us re-do our website to make it more responsive and up-to-date. Meagan is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her!”

Susan Landa, Owner
The Fossil Cartel 

“I would work with Meagan again and would recommend her to any business or marketing company. One word to describe Meagan’s work style – FANTASTIC.”

Tim Oakley, Award Winning Designer
Customer Prop Fabricator 


Meet Meagan Hope

Meagan is the CEO and founder of MEGA Marketing & Event Solutions.

In 2003 Meagan embarked on a career in the music industry. She learned all about branding, social media influencing, and building strong relationships. Most importantly Meagan learned all about the “it” factor. Some people just have “it” while others have to work a little harder before they find that sweet spot and develop the “it” factor.

Learn about the traits people that people and businesses with the “it” factor have and how to discover if your business has the “it” factor.

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