A Virtual Group Making a Human Connection

MEGA Marketing & Event Solutions offers marketing services to businesses and brands throughout the world and is based out of Vancouver, WA. Specializing in social media marketing and event marketing, we believe in authenticity and making a human connection on a digital platform. At MEGA Marketing we create the most thorough strategic plan and help your business with social media, event production, (both online and in-person), event marketing, production planning, email marketing, website consulting, and content creation to help you build strong relationships with your clients and customers.

First of all, we understand what it’s like to own and run a successful business. We understand the passion and the excitement. We understand how hard it can be to maximize a budget, especially in the first 5 years of doing business. Our marketing services are like a map and you’re in the drivers seat and we’re your navigation system helping you arrive to your destination on time!

MEGA Marketing & Event Solutions is based in Vancouver, Washington and we work with businesses and people all around the globe.


Why Your Brand is so Important?

Your brand makes you standout among every other business in your industry. From your logo to your Facebook page, your message must be clear, to the point, and relevant.

Ask yourself these questions?

Are you attracting the customers and clients that you need?
Does your website reach your target audience?
Design is important, is your logo recognizable?
Does your brand have a consistent message on social media?
Is your message interactive?
What makes someone want to do business with you and not another?

MEGA Marketing Services

You might have landed on this page only needing a website. You might now realize that you need to create a 1-year strategic marketing plan or other marketing services. We’re here to service you and your needs, whatever they might be. If you have simple task or project we can provide that for you within your timeframe and budget. If you are looking for an agency that can manage all your marketing needs, we can provide that, too! No pressure sales. We’re fun and easy to work with, come and see for yourself.

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Internet Marketing Services & Solutions

Do you want to increase business?

With skilled internet marketing services, Portland and other business businesses around the world can reach their ideal customer or client. MEGA Marketing knows how to reach your client base because we have owned numerous successful businesses in 12 years. Internet marketing is competitive and we have been in the internet marketing space since 2003. We have experienced the rapid growth of this space firsthand and can help your business succeed online. Furthermore, by incorporating market branding, web design, social media marketing, online advertising, strategy, and event marketing services we can help you reach your businesses goals!

How do we make a human connection in the digital world?

Video, branded imaging, live streaming, and event marketing is how we connect you with your ideal customer or client. More importantly we teach you how to be the most authentic you when using video or doing live streaming. We coach you, practice with you, and help you be sought out online. If you have numerous employees we coach your team together in a supportive environment so your customer or client can get to know those who are important to your business.

MEGA Marketing & Event Solutions online reviews

LinkedIn Review

“Meagan is a strong strategic partner, positive resource and a center of influence! If you are looking for compassion, empowerment, organization, resourceful and knowledgeable, Meagan is your girl!”

Ashley Roda, Owner
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LinkedIn Review

“Meagan has been extremely helpful. She not only comes up with great ideas and keeps me on track, she also teaches me how to do some of the marketing easily by myself. Meagan is flexible and easy to work with. She keeps on top of the ever-changing world of social media and uses a multitude of strategies. With her variety of skills, she helped us re-do our website to make it more responsive and up-to-date. Meagan is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her!”

Susan Landa, Owner
The Fossil Cartel 

LinkedIn Review

“I would work with Meagan again, and would recommend her to any business or marketing company. One word to describe Meagan’s work style – FANTASTIC.”

Tim Oakley, Award Winning Designer
Customer Prop Fabricator 

marketing services in vancouver, wa

Meet the husband + wife team of MEGA Marketing

PARTNER – Meagan Hope, a marketing professional offering marketing services to businesses all around the world, is also creative entrepreneur. In 2002 Meagan started her career in the music industry. From recording her own music to producing concerts and events with organizations such as Portland Parks & Recreation and Columbia Crossings, Meagan has been developing her skills for nearly 15 years. Together Simon and Meagan have owned 4 successful businesses.

PARTNER – Simon Blanco, a sales/event and marketing professional brings an eclectic background to MEGA Marketing. Simon has both a small business and corporate background, with experience working for some of the largest companies in the US and abroad. He has a corporate sales background with Ricoh and Comcast. Simon started his career 15 years ago in event/concert production.

Together Meagan and Simon started MEGA Marketing in 2013. In 2017 they rebranded and created more of a prominent focus on social marketing (social media + event marketing). Every business is successful due to the strategic planning process that must be included with any monthly package.

Small Business Owners

In 2006 Meagan and Simon started MEGA Music Entertainment, a DJ and wedding planning company in Portland, OR. Then in January 2011 Meagan and Simon started another business called LumiNight USA. This company sold LED fiber-optic Luminex ™ fashion and decoration lines. Both were producers of a unique wedding event that launched in Portland, OR called The Wedding Experience. It was a mock wedding for professional wedding vendors to showcase them in action in front of couples looking to hire companies for their own wedding such as floral companies, bakers, wedding dress companies, etc. Before they met one another Simon was running his own production company called Different Kidz Productions in Portland, Oregon and Meagan was the founder and Executive Director for the MEGA Music Foundation.

Want to learn more about what MEGA stands for and where the name came from then GO HERE!